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  • As your Real Estate Agent,  I will be providing you with my total commitment in giving you  excellent service throughout the real estate transaction and will also go the extra mile for you to make sure your real estate transaction is completed with the least amount of hassles.

    I promise that I will be committed to negotiating on your behalf to help you meet specific goals as well as providing personalized service that will give you the value you expect from an outstanding services
    I will also be utilizing the latest technology to better meet your specific real estate needs through out your purchase as well as keeping you informed of the process at hand.
    As a real estate professional I work inside a group of professionals  which means you will have the highest support throughout your real estate transaction where you will receive excellent advice and care.
    I promise to uphold the highest moral and ethical standards throughout any real estate transaction you hired me to do. .
    A promise that also defined me in character and integrity.
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    Hilda Rocha
    Hilda Rocha
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Thank you so much for talking to me yesterday. I took your advice and spoke to my lenders. They sent me the papers to do a loan modification, and worked with me in making my monthly payments while the modification is in process. I was able to just pay the smaller portion this month, and pay back the bigger portion in $200 amounts starting on September 15th. Even the payback of the bigger will be erased once the modification is done. And she believes for sure after they see what bills are paid that I will definately get the modification. And that I may end up getting a fixed rate as well. The smaller payback arrangements keeps me out of foreclosure while they are working on the loan - so the stress is better knowing that, even though I still have to make some kind of payments until I get a little relief.
Thank you for being honest and caring enough to care about the person and the circumstances. You could have started the process without the advice - but you didn't. Instead you let me see I have options in keeping my home. I really wanted to run from the house and the whole mess, but as the days went on I couldn't imagine living in an apartment again, or even moving. I believe once the modification is done, we may can work out the rest of the financial burdens in time. And when the market is good again, we can sell the house the correct way and possibly make a profit.

I would love to write you a testimonial for your website - on your honesty and great work ethic..something you don't see much of today. Let me know how I can do that.
Thanks again!

MS Roberts 

Silver Spring


Yes, it IS margarita time! But, unfortunately for us I can't find the margarita glasses and pitcher yet ... they're in some box... somewhere!
Oh, and yes... the girls. They're a bit time consuming, so happy hour will have to wait. BOO HOO! ;-(Thank you to you and Susan for EVERYTHING! We are so relieved to be out of this mess and to be able to start over again.

It really has taken a load off of our minds and knocked down the stress level A LOT! You were both completely on top of your game (and the mountain of paperwork) which made this entire process go so smoothly. I really cannot believe that it's OVER and everything did work out to our advantage. We knew we were taking a gamble with the short-sale, but we really owe our success to you and your team.


If we know of anyone else that is in our same situation, we will definitely pass your name along.
You guys are great!

Thank you again,
Amanda B.

"In one sentence, you are second to none!"

Greg "Your Freaked Out Client"
Thank You- Thank You - Thank You!!!!!!

I'm convinced - you are on a Mission from God!
Keep up the extraordinary work you are doing here on earth. People need you!
In the Real Estate community all over the United States, you are King and deeply respected.
Patricia Feager Kelller Williams