May 23, 2013

New Homes for Sale in Clarksburg Maryland | Games Builders Play

New Homes for Sale in Clarksburg Maryland

Clarksburg MD

                                    The Price Games Builders Play?

We had a couple that was ready to sign, except there was no lots available that met their expectations.
The builder wanted to pressure our buyers in accepting any of the remaining two lots available.
We know that one trick some builders use is to limit the number of lots on each phase. .and once they're gone, they will release the next section of lots.
So, I asked the builder when are they releasing the next phase of lots for construction?
The builder was reluctant at first but showed us another 5 lots that were ready for construction as soon as the reminder leftover lots were sold.
We forced the builder in allowing our client to choose one of the new lots and kept the same base price of the house.

Builders play these games because they want to make more money for their investors. .not you!
Builders move on to the next phase. .so they can raise prices and in some cases the leftover lots are then added to this new phase allowing the builder to sell them for more. .
Of course the idea behind all this, is to create a sense of urgency on buyers that are not familiar with all their tactics. .
Our clients don't buy left over lots. .
We make sure of that!

In some cases, we know of tactics that some builder use. . is to get the buyer to accept a contract with a floating price.
Should you sign a contract where the price of the house is not set in stone?
The quick answer to this is NO!
Check this next video to find when you maybe forced in signing a contract without a base price.


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