Promenade Condos

A great reason to buy a Promenade Condo

You Have Less Commitment – Condos are great for people who want to own their own space but don’t want to do all the required lawn and common area maintenance.

Condos do not require a down payment as large as a conventional homes. While you are committed to the condo you buy and must follow the condo association ’s bylaws, owning a condo or can be less of a stress when it comes to general upkeep and can offer more amenities than a normal and conventional home.

As you are aware many condominium buildings like Promenade Towers have swimming pools, fitness centers, tennis courts, a club house and other facilities that would be cost prohibitive for most single family home owners.

Buying a condo in Promenade Towers is not complicated. There are many buildings that may offer the same amenities but very few can match the comfort of the Promenade Towers

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Promenade Condos