Don't you wish there could be a better way to sell your house?  


"If you've ever felt confused about your options to sell your house at the top of the market with the least amount of hassles and . . .without paying nearly half of your earned equity in commission fees?"

Then you are going to want to pay VERY close attention to this presentation.

What every seller ought to know about selling their home...


Hi, my name is Fernando Herboso broker owner for Maxus Realty Group.  If you were ever discouraged and confused about the many choices you face today when selling your home. I don't blame you. There are hundreds of real estate companies and thousands of agents wanting your business, offering you discounts and gimmicks ...you just don't know where to turn?


I recently met an investor who was "trying" to sell his house and was having no success at all. He hired two Realtors, one by one they were unsuccessfully in selling his house. He then tried selling it himself by sticking a sign on the front yard...he had a few calls but nothing was really happening.

As soon as I met him, I knew there was an opportunity there for me. Investors usually sell houses 3 to 4 times per year compared to my regular sellers who sell only once every 5 to 7 years.


"You have not applied the 7 essentials rules of Real Estate, that's why your house remains unsold" I told him after analyzing the history of his listing .


"What are the 7 essential rules of real estate?"  He quickly wanted to know.

Not so fast, I added

First, you have to understand  the function of these 7 essential rules...

These are laws and principles that must occur during every successful  sale: 

  • You can sell your house at the TOP of the market if you obey them...
  • You can sell you house at the MIDDLE of the market if you miss a few ...
  • You can sell your house at the BOTTOM of the market if you miss most of them...
  • Or you will NOT SELL it at all...if you completely ignore them.


The price your house will sell for is dependent on these 7 Essential Rules. The reason this investor was stuck with a house losing money every month was because he completely ignore these rules!

He was very intrigued as I was the very first time I heard about these 7 Essential Rules directly from my old Broker long time ago. He told me about these studies that were made to find all the commonalities of homes that were sold successful at their top of  value versus the ones that sold below their value and why some houses did not sell at all.

These 7 rules were the common denominator for all successful sales  

These 7 rules, have not changed over the years... in fact, they are now more prevalent today than ever before!

As it turned out, 45 days later my investor friend was shaking my hand happy at the attorney's office receiving his check. I sold his house at the top of the market and I had plenty left over buyers directly from that listing for my agents to help find other houses.

If you are thinking in selling your home soon. .

Perhaps reviewing these 7 Essential Steps could be an eye opener for you as well..

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If you're on the selling side of today's market, the following tips will help you sell your house for "Top Dollar" and the right timing to fit your plans.. . 



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