5 Reasons New Homes Are Better Than Resales in Montgomery and Frederick Counties Maryland 

The Pros in Buying New Construction Homes

When Choosing New Construction, you want to assure yourself if you are doing the right thing

This is our business, we say that new construction is an excellent choice when it comes to buying homes in Clarksburg and Urbana Maryland Real Estate
Take your time going trough the enclosed video series where we give you five specific reasons why you should choose a new home over a resale.


It’s All New!
You knew that already 
but is it reason enough to choose a new home over resale?

Resales that were constructed in the seventies, eighties and even nighties do not have the same type of construction material as they have now. .

Nice features like airtight doors and windows, advanced insulation technologies ad modern appliances not only save you money on utility bills, but they also help save the planet. . .
"Going green is in. .
plus that is a huge energy cost savings for you"

Energy efficient homes relates from sophisticated electrical wiring to up-to-date plumbing, a newly constructed house is less likely to experience the leaks, the floods, the pests, the electrical shorts, and/or  pipe back-ups. .

When you purchase a new home, you are given a complete warranty that guarantees on materials, mechanical systems, and coverage against any structural defects.

"On a resale, buying "AS-IS" is more common these days. ."


When you’re buying in a new community, you can choose where you are within the subdivision. 

For example, if you are buying in Clarksburg, you have a few choices between Clarksburg Village and Town Center.
Do you want a house that backs to the woods?
They have a few in Clarksburg. .

or if you prefer Urbana Maryland, there is plans for even more homes to come in the near future and choices are plentiful

When you are building a new house, you choose the lot and you should take your time analyzing your choice by discussing it with your real estate agent. 

"Make sure you choose your lot based on your needs and NOT based on the builder's needs to unload a hard-to-sell lot"
Tip: After buying your new construction home, read and learn all the manufacturers’ care and cleaning suggestions.. .your warranty may be dependent on it.


I love modern houses because they offer things like open kitchens, spacious closets, media rooms, offices, wood floors, granite counters and my wife's favorite. . .laundry room upstairs next to the bedrooms where is needed the most. .instead of a dark basement with two flights of stairs and a possible boogey man waiting for you!

"New homes are well designed for the way we live today" 
New houses are fun, practical and comfortable. . .


I Want My House Here! 
All you have to do is call us and we make it happen!
There is a reason why I'm a New Home Advisor
Let me prove to you the value I can bring to you by representing you
Let me give you an INDEPENDENT REVIEW of all the new builders in Clarksburg and Urbana Maryland

We strive for the pursuit of excellence by providing and assisting our clients with the information and resources needed for a smooth transition & purchase of a new home in Clarksburg and Urbana Maryland
One call . . is all it takes!

5 Reasons New Homes Are Better Than Resales in Montgomery and Frederick Counties Maryland