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Hi, I'm Fernando Herboso broker owner for Maxus Realty Group.  If you were ever discouraged and confused about the many choices you face today when selling your home. I don't blame you. There are hundreds of real estate companies and thousands of agents wanting your business, offering you discounts and gimmicks just don't know where to turn?


Did you know that in Montgomery County Maryland, which is one of the most affluent counties in the nation, one out of four listings do not sell? 

One out of four listings become expired leaving your with a 25% chance that you will fail in selling your home. 


But if you thought that was bad enough, think about this, sellers are being charged outrageous fees with promised of "full" service representation without any consideration at your net and how much you owe to the bank. 


I was ashamed at my industry when I saw a prepared net sheet of charges a listing agent left with one of my clients when I listed their home. They were charging them FIVE TIMES MORE MONEY that what my client was going to "NET" with the sale of the house. 

This agent represented one of the biggest real estate firms in my area. . .at what point do real estate companies care enough? - to direct their agents to service with heart and not with a mandate,  charge as much money as possible. . so their company can be #1?


This is what drove me to change my ways in the real estate industry.

This is why I SOLD my office of 92+ agents  and started my own independent brokerage.

I removed myself from owning an office under a national franchise  mandate that "trained" its people to focus in higher commissions fees. . with no added value other than it's name. 


I founded an education based company to help and support my clients on their decision to sell a home.


I created a "marketing machine" of sorts that will assure my clients full exposure of their properties. . .putting us years ahead of our competition.

I removed the clutter, harnessed the Internet and embraced it to reduce my costs and assist my clients with top notch technology. .. .allowing me  to market their homes directly to the right consumers by laser targeting the right message, at the right time with the right offer.


If you would like more information to see if you qualify for one of our guaranteed sale programs... at one of the most competitive rates  for full service representation in the area, please fill out the form below or call us for immediate assistance at 301-246-0001

Selling homes in maryland

If you would like more details about our unique marketing program, please continue reading . . 


Selling Your Home With Full Service Representation --
Anything Less Would be a Shot in the Dark!

How to sell your home for the most amount of money; while controlling the timing to move out exactly at the best possible time for you:

  • Pricing

  • Presentation

  • Promotion

  • Experience

  • Our Network

Trust Fernando Herboso & Associates To Get It Right!

A Fresh Approach To Selling : 

Killer Presentation

Every property is unique and consists of certain strong points that require prominence to get those brownie points during a sale. Fernando Herboso & Associates understand this very well. Our preparations for successful presentation include our emphasis on de-cluttering, needed electrical repairs, staging, instant landscaping, garden maintenance, needed plumbing repairs, mood lighting, carpentry repair, painting and cleaning, and interior decorations strategic placement.

Effective Pricing

In keeping with the property pricing in your area, we deal with proper valuation. Our experience says that ideal pricing should make your house appear a worthwhile buy without putting off prospects because it seems too expensive. Effective price tags generate interest and allow you to make the maximum profits through successful real estate deals.

Successful Promotions

Appropriate advertising is the key to exposure and helping buyers know that your property is available. We are never the ones deny the power of media but look for effective ways to harness its powers in the best interest of our clients. From print media to online advertising every avenue is explored for getting results. Our property promotion portrays your home as the prize catch of the season and this attracts attention from appropriate corners.

Our Wide Network

Our expansive network of agents helps to spread the word out regarding your property and creates the buzzword that hastens selling. Letting your home sit for long times can stall the process therefore we believe in quick closures without compromising on the property value.

Our vast reach and relationships with other agencies and buyer database come in handy for such scenarios.

Vast Experience

Experience wins over flashiness any day and we believe in this thoroughly. Our years of hands on experience in property selling gives us an edge over our competitors and allow us to make profitable deals in less time.


We care for your needs and time the sale of your home accordingly.

We determine the Unique Selling Points of your house and use it to best advantage.

Maryland homeowners today are spending sleepless nights because the recent recessions have left property prices in shards forcing many to consider selling at a loss.

Contact us at 301-246-0001 and see your problems vanish!

What should you expect from the moment you contact Fernando?

Let’s start with our promise, please watch our listing video... followed by my pre- listing presentation below. . . 



Did you know that in 2013. . . 1,138 Homes in Montgomery County Maryland  Failed To Sell?   

ONE OUT OF FOUR New Listings in Montgomery County Maryland DO NOT  SELL!
We study the market on a daily basis to help advise our clients in making the best decisions, to make concessions for some improvements and help set a realistic price that will get our client's homes SOLD!
In 2013, there were 11,406 homes SOLD in Montgomery County Maryland - Out of 15,235 listings!
1,138 Home-Sellers did not achieve their goals into selling their homes as their plans were derailed.
Hiring the right real estate professional is now more than ever so  important ...if you want to succeed.
No one lists a house hoping to expire later and become another statistic. You need to hire the right real estate professional from the beginning, the one that will get your home SOLD quickly, for the most money and in the least amount of time.
As a real estate professional I completely understand the stress when  putting your home on the market. I pride myself on minimizing that stress by making sure that we take a comprehensive look at your situation and goals so we can avoid being that  ONE HOUSE OUT OF FOUR THAT DOES NOT SELL.
Our firm commitment and a promise if we list your home.
When Fernando Herboso's team represents you exclusively in the sale of your home, you can expect our commitment to success during the entire selling process.  Taking the time to understand your wants, your needs, and your expectations from the very first day. Most successful real estate agents only focus on what works. For over 20 years, I have researched and developed systems for my practice and trained real estate agents on the latest methods in marketing properties to sell. Most real estate practitioners are stuck on the pre-Internet era when selling homes. We utilize the latest techniques to bring the spot-light for all our listings.

 Problem #1: Does your Realtor® utilizes systems to attract buyers every day?


In any market, your home is competing with new construction in new subdivisions that offers updated floorplans, Whirlpool tubs, hardwood floors, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, decorating allowances, finished basements, discounts points in mortgage loans and more. 
Your home is also competing with your neighbors’ homes for sale, which may be in better condition, better priced and/ or more updated than yours...
Competition for buyers is fierce out there.
The goal is to have your home stand out and attract as many buyers as possible in as few days on the market as possible
Does experience and a successful track record on attracting buyers really matter?– at any time, in any type of market, buyers are a commodity for any agent as we soon realized that early in our careers.
If your Realtor® does not show you how is he/she's  attracting buyers, how do you expect him/her to attract a buyer for your own house? 
We pride ourselves to constantly be challenged in obtaining buyers leads that are ready to buy and have systems in place to do just that  CLICK HERE to get a peek of one our systems in action.  


Problem #2: Does your Realtor® guarantee results in writing?   


Take the uncertainty out of selling your home.  I know that you  expect full disclosure and fair dealings when you trust someone in representing you to sell your does your broker.
The problem for most sellers is that many listing contracts now contain a clause requiring the seller to pay a full commission if the property if is taken off the market before the contract expires or simply because of clear misrepresentation from the listing broker not bringing enough buyers to your property
for lack of advertisement  and/or poor marketing techniques.
Sellers wishing to simply withdraw their homes from the market because they changed their minds from selling must be very careful when signing a binding contract with a listing agent that may compromise your financial situation simply because you've changed your mind. It is the same point of view when you realize that your agent is not doing enough to help you sell your home.  
Guarantees comes from confidence that we can perform above your satisfaction. As long as there is full disclosure and fairness in your decision, "We feel that you have the right to terminate our listing agreement at any time"
Avoid getting trapped in a contract that could  bind you to pay a full commission regardless if your house sells or not.
When we say "No-Shackle-Listing" we are really saying to you that: If you see that we don't control a direct path for the sale of your property to sell, you have the right to control our agreement.

Problem #3: Does your Realtor® market to all buyers or just a few?                

Ignoring them could be a mistake. . .

Selling Houses to Hispanic Market
The U.S. Hispanic population is the largest minority segment in the Metro area and is growing at a dramatic rate. They are part of a vast change in ethnic plurality for our area that increases the chances that the buyer for your home will be . . someone speaking a different language with different tastes and different customs.
The Sale of your property may depend on Hispanics by virtue of major demographic changes occurring at a high rate inside our area.
Given that the age for a new home buyer is between 26 and 46 years old, Latinos will become a force in residential purchasing over the next ten years in the Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia areas.
How does this affect the marketing efforts to sell your house? Hispanics already make up at least 20 percent of possible buyers interested to buy for your house today in our region.Add another higher percentage from the consumer base that is composed by a mix of other ethnic minorities who live and work in and around the Washington Metro area. .You can have a huge advantage if your agent is including marketing specifically appealing to them.
For this reason alone, we have included Hispanics into our marketing systems that provides the edge in selling your home and include this part of the population. Indulge me and allow me to show you how we are found by Hispanic consumers by simply CLICKING HERE.
Our leadership is incomparable in this area, as the author for the book "Selling Houses in Two Languages" I have develop many relationships with business leaders throughout  the Washington DC Metro area where I educate businesses how to sell to the Hispanic Market. You can read my book HERE  

Problem #4: Does your Realtor® market to buyers from out-of-state? 


How Can We Attract Relocation Buyers For Your Home?
Relocation buyers come from multiple sources, they could be  referrals, online searches, national portals, social media, or direct connections.. To tap into the tremendous potential that a relocating buyer could end up buying your home, we have many sources to begin and build relationships with potential buyers.
The Washington Metro area has thousands of relocating families every single year and we leave no chance they missed our services by providing them relocation information guides.
See our site that captures relocating buyers easily  HERE.
..and now see us in action, how out-of-state buyers finds us on Google this way!

Problem #5: Does your Realtor® market to Relocating Military Families?


How Do We Attract "Military" Relocation Buyers?
We are after all associated with "Expert Advisors"who know the "ins and outs" of the Washington Metro area plus understands the special needs that military families require.
Evaluation of new communities surrounding their bases should begin with a cost of living analysis of that particular area and a sample of homes available that may suit their needs.
Military families frequent moves around the country and overseas puts them at a disadvantage when it come to housing and we fulfill that need.
See our site that captures relocating buyers HERE.
See us in action, how out-of-state buyers finds us on Google using our videos by clicking HERE

Problem #5: Does your Realtor® offers you solutions for a QUICK/CASH sale?

Is about having solutions and options for all our "Seller Clients"  We have solutions for sellers in all types of situations regardless of circumstances, no matter how unique or dire your particular situation may seem or be.
We know how to present your house to interested  investors, if you need to sell fast and need cash very quick.
We have helped many homeowners sell their properties and get out from debt or  bad situations.. even after  others told them their situation were hopeless..
Our  investors clients  buy houses in all price ranges, in all types of condition and from people in all types of situations.  
What we offer is creative solutions to get you 3 offers fast . .if selling it quick is what you need.
See our site that attracts many investors to join our unique marketing approach to help us add another option for our sellers. SEE IT HERE

Problem #6: Does your Realtor® markets your listing with property videos on first page of Google?


Real Estate Listings With Videos Receive 400% More Inquiries Than Those Without Videos 
Video has become an integral part that help us showcase all our listings. Is all about controlling the market, the competition and the consumer so we can oversee the message of our listings and help it being amplified to sell your home
YouTube is currently the second most visited site in the world in terms of average amount of time spent on the site. Consumers love video because it an extension of their viewing habits vs reading materials. In fact, they are much more likely to pay attention to my marketing listing videos than any other marketing material I use out there.
I'm proud of my achievement in obtaining over 735,000 views in my channel alone. We have over 677 produced videos and 322 subscribers that  get our videos directly to their accounts.
Let me show what I mean "controlling" the messages to help us sell our listings.
People that drive by any house for sale are most often reluctant to call agents for more information..feeling afraid of being sold, so they Google the address of the property to find the price and any other relevant information that may compel them to further consider your home for sale.
Most real estate agents allow third party companies like Zilllow,Trulia or to give this information to consumers.
Not us!
We rank on first page on Google in all our listings and we can guarantee that using our secret methods inside our valuable YouTube video channel.
But, I don't just  want to tell you that we do it. . I want to show you and give you  some examples of 3 listings where we easily controlled what information to consumers when they Google the address on any of our listings.
Now you know one of our "secrets" how we capture so many buyers!

 Support comes from many venues. . . 


Problem #7: Does your Realtor® have multiple resources in the Internet to compete for attention from all the National and Local sites? 

Today’s buyers rely increasingly on the Internet as their primary source of information and data about properties for sale.
With thousands of real estate sites now competing for attention, I can assure few agents understand that one single website on page 40 in Google does not cut it anymore. Very few agents have the time, the tools, or even resources that exploits the Internet’s value as a sales tool.
Did you know that we rank on Google Videos on #1 page for the search term "Homes For Sale in Maryland" -- WE HAVE 7 POSITIONS ON PAGE ONE!!!
That's right, we rank higher that any other real estate company in Maryland when it comes to videos.
We command and dominate the search term "Homes for sale in Maryland
But, I don't want to just tell you about it . .I want to proudly show it to you: JUST CLICK HERE 
That's a great indicator of our powerful systems in action.
We are subscribed to syndicate your listing to over 900 websites across the nation and have complete control to over 12 sites that are constantly pulling buyers from all angles.
my real estate webistes



Problem #8: Does your Realtor® have lead coordinators that are in constant contact with buyers initiating appointments and creating urgency to show them their listings directly? 

When a consumer needs to sell their present home.. .it  becomes an essential part of their plans. This requires specialized care by a Home Seller Specialist who is experienced and knowledgeable in implementing the latest marketing techniques that will ultimately make all the difference in the world. .
This is not the job of a " SOLO" agent.
You need a whole team to help you get the best results.
Our group has a whole "International Team" that supports our efforts to showcase our listings to as many people as possible.
Delegating responsibilities where it counts liberates me as the team leader to concentrate on what matters the most.. selling your house. (As a broker, team leader and owner for my own brokerage, I choose to specialize on sellers only, I do not work with buyers. .my focus is only on selling homes period.) 
We understand that sellers are looking to extract the last available penny from their home equities and that is our main goal for our whole team from day one.
Understanding where new buyers are coming from?  ...a key ingredient for selling homes fast. . 
The Millennial Generation that grew up during the housing crash, has completely changed the way they see home ownership. They are more cautious of becoming homeowners because of the foreclosure problems they've read about or in some cases their parents may have experienced.
We make sure that the description of your home must fit the description of the new buyer. It is an important factor that pulls a possible buyer into an emotional state of mind that eventually. .  compels them to want to know a little more about your property.
 *Click on the images to read our brochures. . .

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Playlist Of Our Testimonials. . (Watch Them All!)

Written Testimonials:
Thank you so much for talking to me yesterday. I took your advice and spoke to my lenders. They sent me the papers to do a loan modification, and worked with me in making my monthly payments while the modification is in process. I was able to just pay the smaller portion this month, and pay back the bigger portion in $200 amounts starting on September 15th. Even the payback of the bigger will be erased once the modification is done. And she believes for sure after they see what bills are paid that I will definately get the modification. And that I may end up getting a fixed rate as well. The smaller payback arrangements keeps me out of foreclosure while they are working on the loan - so the stress is better knowing that, even though I still have to make some kind of payments until I get a little relief.
Thank you for being honest and caring enough to care about the person and the circumstances. You could have started the process without the advice - but you didn't. Instead you let me see I have options in keeping my home. I really wanted to run from the house and the whole mess, but as the days went on I couldn't imagine living in an apartment again, or even moving. I believe once the modification is done, we may can work out the rest of the financial burdens in time. And when the market is good again, we can sell the house the correct way and possibly make a profit.
I would love to write you a testimonial for your website - on your honesty and great work ethic..something you don't see much of today. Let me know how I can do that.
Thanks again!
MS Roberts 
Silver Spring
Yes, it IS margarita time! But, unfortunately for us I can't find the margarita glasses and pitcher yet ... they're in some box... somewhere!
Oh, and yes... the girls. They're a bit time consuming, so happy hour will have to wait. BOO HOO! ;-(Thank you to you and Susan for EVERYTHING! We are so relieved to be out of this mess and to be able to start over again.
It really has taken a load off of our minds and knocked down the stress level A LOT! You were both completely on top of your game (and the mountain of paperwork) which made this entire process go so smoothly. I really cannot believe that it's OVER and everything did work out to our advantage. We knew we were taking a gamble with the short-sale, but we really owe our success to you and your team.
If we know of anyone else that is in our same situation, we will definitely pass your name along.
You guys are great!
Thank you again,
Amanda B.
"In one sentence, you are second to none!"
Greg "Your Freaked Out Client"
Thank You- Thank You - Thank You!!!!!!
I'm convinced - you are on a Mission from God!
Keep up the extraordinary work you are doing here on earth. People need you!
In the Real Estate community all over the United States, you are King and deeply respected.
Patricia Feager Kelller Williams