Is 2014 the time to buy? 

Experts all around are saying that 2014 will be a year of continued growth and stabilization in the housing market with slower rising home prices, fewer foreclosures and less underwater homeowners. 

On the downside, the 2014 market faces strong headwinds as inventory remains tight and both home buyers and builders face tough lending standards.

The tough lending standards I  refer too is that you may need impeccable credit to finance and buy  a home on 2014

You 'll need impeccable credit to take advantage of the low interest rates and low down payments. .

One problem is. . the vast majority  of buyers today are not under this umbrella.

The average FICO credit score on conventional loans used to purchase homes in November 2013 was 756, according to the most recent data from Ellie Mae, a company that produces mortgage underwriting software. 

The average score for denied applications was 729!!!

This is why we are connecting with lenders that take our customers with border line credit scores and assist them to  fix their credit score to buy a home.

Is just another service  we provide to our clients. 

If you want to buy in 2014. .

Call on us before hand and let us help you prepare your application. .

We thrive in helping you obtain an optimal interest rate . a very low price.

Call us now, to have priority. .while everybody else is waiting for the winter to pass


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