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The SoccerPlex is one of the ultimate soccer facilities in the country. This amazing place has a total of 24 professionally constructed and maintained outdoor soccer fields!

The pride and joy for the SoccerPlex has to be the lighted championship stadium that seats nearly 3,500 spectators.

Because of the winter in Maryland 3 of these fields are lighted synthetic turf fields that can be used year round.

Germantown MD HomesThe SoccerPlex also has a huge indoor multi-sport facility that is over 64,000 square feet.

The Discovery Sports Center has eight basketball/volleyball courts that convert in the winter to indoor fields for soccer, including lacrosse and field hockey.

In addition, this huge facility is utilized as a Center to non-sports activities that attract trade shows, community events and many other cultural venues to attract the thousands of people that pass through its doors every year..


The SoccerPlex is located here:

If you live around the area, don't be surprised seeing some of the major soccer stars in the world passing by your streets. .

They hold major tournaments and the National US Team sometimes comes to practice and play

If you are thinking moving close to the mecca of soccer in the US

You'll need to live in Germantown Maryland

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Kingsview Ridge in Germantown is next to the Soccerplex in  Montgomery County see houses in Kingsview area surrounding area CLICK HERE 




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