Bad Market

Good Market

(What everybody sees may not be true in the Washington Metropolitan Area)


Good Reasons Why It's the Best of Times

To Buy an Investment Property Today!

Reason #1:

The pre-foreclosure process has never offered so many opportunities like today.

With thousands of homeowners in the Maryland Region that are behind on their notes and at the brink of a foreclosure. A short sale offers the opportunity to help homeowners avoid a foreclosure and for the investor to have a property at a major discount with virtually no competition.

With the assistance of a knowledgeable Real Estate Agent that specializes in Distressed Properties, securing a property could be a very easy process.

The caveat is finding someone that has access to all these pre-foreclosures and how to approach the homeowner with a win-win situation.

There are many things to be considered like:

  • What are you investment objectives?
  • Do you want to rent it out?
  • Do you want to flip it?
  • Are you paying cash?
  • Should you pay ALL CASH instead of using the money to buy 3 or 4 more properties?

All these questions and more should be addressed with the agent you choose to represent you.

Just be sure to pick the right person and the right property.

To receive a list of possible investment properties, including foreclosures, HUD Properties, Action Properties and Short Sales Just go to:

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Fernando Herboso is broker for Herboso & Associates LLC

A company that specializes in Distressed Properties in located in Montgomery County Maryland

Serving Montgomery, Frederick and PG Counties.