REASONS Why Should You Buy A Home For Investment or Occupancy  Right Now. .

  1. Buying a home can mean building significant  equity value through the years. Yes, it's been a rough few years  so far  for most of us. . but the " Law Of Gravity" for Real Estate has always   been upwards.. .and we are at the bottom or near the bottom of the correction already

  2. You should think carefully about how much you can afford to spend and consider that guidelines from banks are now very tight. .and consider that today, INTEREST RATES are at it's LOWEST in years!

  3. Working with your lender is a good way to determine how much house you can afford to buy to keep focus. . Most lenders would welcome an exclusive meeting with yourself  to advice you in countless options as far as  money is concerned. Take advantage, use their experience. I promise you they will bend over backwards for you if you show them a little commitment .

  4. Inventory is at historic levels.  . . . If you can convert your current home to an investment property and buy your dream home today. . .you will be  in an enviable position to upgrade your castle at rock bottom prices. In addition  your mortgage payments will be low because of the current interest rates.

  5. Schools, taxes, services, crime rates, transportation, and zoning are important considerations when selecting a neighborhood. By choosing us to represent you in buying your next home, we will consult with you to help you find just the right property for you.

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    PS:  Did you know that a knowledgeable Realtor can help you find if you are eligible for any Government Grant when buying a home?

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