After hundreds of calls,  months of dead ends, faxing, re-faxing, rejections and runarounds from bank representatives, (Mr. X) one of my future clients  is still in a loan modification. . hell. . or limbo .. I guess that depends on your own perspective.

After a phone consultation, I learned that Mr. X lost his job , he and his wife have spent all their savings trying to accommodate their lenders requests. . .these people do not want to lose their home.

The lack of respect from  the lender in giving them a fair and clear answer, only contributes to their stress and anguish.


Conflicting responses, losing faxes, added rules, new regulations, new negotiators. . .

When are lenders going to learn?

“It is those times of despair where the feelings of isolation gets engraved deep inside you . . .and under those conditions lenders are hoping to  continue being on business. .forever?

All these people want from you is the respect of a clear answer . . to just be treated fairly.

When a loan modification  fails because your lender tells you can not qualify. . .call me and I’ll show you all your options. .

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