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Lakelands – Kentlands in Gaithersburg MD 20878

Kentlands, along with its sister community Lakelands, is among the largest and arguably most successful of the New Urbanism projects in the state of Maryland and most certainly in Montgomery County Maryland.

More than 8,000 residents now live in Kentlands and Lakelands, with office and commercial development totaling more than 1,000,000 sq ft

The newly constructed ICC Intercounty Connector has radically changed the way people move from point to point in Montgomery County and now this community has been enhanced with even more benefits in the transportation side.

is divided into several districts, including "Old Farm", built around the historic mansion and the Kentlands Village Square; "Gatehouse", named after the farm's entry gatehouse, which has been reconstructed; the "Hill Districts"; the "Lakes Districts"; "Kentlands Bluff"; "Midtown/Main Street"; "Market Square"; and "Kentlands Square". The winding street layout is based on a grid pattern, varied as necessary by the requirements of Kentlands topography. Multiple open green spaces and parks have been developed to enhance the living of all the residents.

Meanwhile Lakelands is practically an extension adjacent to each other.

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Gaithersburg MD Homes Kentlands,Lakelands

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Gaithersburg MD Homes Kentlands,Lakelands

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Gaithersburg MD Homes Kentlands,Lakelands

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Gaithersburg MD Homes Kentlands,Lakelands

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Montgomery County Market Report for December 2011

Gaithersburg MD Homes Kentlands,Lakelands

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Gaithersburg MD Homes Kentlands,Lakelands

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Gaithersburg Maryland Kentlands- Lakelands Nice Homes For Sale

Homes for sale in the Lakelands, Kentlands in Gaithersburg Md 20878