When the foundations of your financial world are crumbling inwardly and the prospect of a FORECLOSURE or SHORT SALE
becomes apparent. . You are not alone; I can assure you of that. It is estimated that over half of transactions by the end of this year will be short sales or foreclosures in the United States. All of them deemed "distressed properties"

You can be certain; you may have many options to exhaust. . But I assure you that you should try and avoid a Foreclosure at all costs.

A foreclosure is a financial ruin, and even though you may feel OK right now, and you feel are all ready to give up . . . don't!

A few steps in the right direction and you may be able to avoid a foreclosure and try to do a short sale or a deed in lieu of a foreclosure.

Have you tried approaching your Lender? They probably have no idea that you are considering this option. . . Your Lender does not want to take your house back. If there is a way for them to work out a deal with you, you should try this by all means.

One of our strategies we use to help homeowners in distress is to "pause" everything with your lender while they investigate your own personal scenario and the possibility of a short sale.

The benefit for you is that it gives you breathing room and allows you to see things more clearly when you know you are not deciding with your neck on the line.

We know now that a short sale will at least save your credit rating. Not all Lenders will agree to it and not all properties qualify for it. You must have some type of a hardship to prove to the lender that you are nearing financial ruin and simply can't afford the house anymore.

We can help you with all the facets of a short sale except . . . You will need to write your own hardship letter to the Lender, or more specifically. .what is the reason why you can't no longer afford your home.


For more help go to: www.Short-Sales-Expert.com