Acceptable Hardships in a Short Sale : Examples for MD, DC and VA 

This video shows some examples of different hardships acceptable to lenders. .

What makes you the perfect candidate for a short sale? 

A short sale is for those who need one, if you are behind on your mortgage payments. .
A short sale is not for those who simply want one.. .because you simply lost some equity on your house.
In most cases, you must not be able to financially afford your home. .this is what is call being in a  financial hardship.  In some cases, your lender will typically ask you to provide financial documentation in order to validate your hardship.
You may have to write a hardship letter
and provide proof of your financial hardship.

Each lender have their own policies, you may want to contact a short sale expert to help you determine what do you need in order to so a short sale.

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