Shocking Home Values Report for Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia

Housing bubbles, real estate market crash, underwater homes, foreclosures, ghost inventories, furloughs. .how is that related to home values in the Washington Metro area?

Why the sudden shift from a buyer's market to a seller's market?
Our housing market have gone from boom to bust and from bust to boom before you can say "what's going on?"

Watch the video below and watch and hear important information to protect your home's value.. .

What happened to home values in our area?

Home values have actually been increasing nationally in 2013, but of course, that's not the case in every single local market. Our local market is different. 
Making decisions on the actual value of your home has serious consequences
Being skeptical of online computer generated valuations  which are notoriously unreliable, sometimes tend to misinform homeowners about the value of their own homes.
Appraisals are still being influenced inside our local real estate market with foreclosures and short sales activities all around. .
More so, if you live in PG County vs Montgomery County Maryland
In areas where underwater homes are more prominent, values are being held back and you can't do nothing about it. .even if you modernize your kitchen with Vulcan appliances.

just know. .

"Computers are not reliable and can only give you an opinion based on the data entered in big chunks of general information"

I was recently listing a home for new client that complained about computer generated house values. .

"I see so many other houses in my neighborhood that are in the same price range as ours. Some of them still have the original kitchen (from the 1970s)........haven't replaced their windows, etc. etc. No major improvements. No finished basements. How the heck a computer mixes all this information to give us an idea what our home is worth?

We know important decisions are being made across kitchen tables with these reports

I feel that is a product that is unique because of this reason. .
We provide not only property value reports but also advice from a real estate professional's point of view
Go ahead and utilize our local experience and knowledge of this market
Our purpose is  to calculate the most accurate home values possible through sold prices, public records of assessed value, and area real estate information because. .

We know important decisions are being made across kitchen tables with these reports

That's why we'll do them as accurate as possible. .

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"If accuracy matters to matters to us"