Advice For First Time Home Buyers: Never Buy the First Home You Visit

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Never Buy the First Home You Visit

Never Buy the First Home You Visit

You need to compare houses and that is what we call - comparative shopping

Buyers who fall in love with the first home they see tend to pay more for that home . .

Always visit other potential homes to compare them with all its similarities . .

Take your time to investigate all the other homes available to you. .

No one should rush you here. . . 

A home is a huge investment that you get to live in. . .take your time and be open to see others 

Getting ready to buy your first home?
Find a good Realtor® first and you are on your way!
I invite you to watch our educational video series is a free comprehensive 15 video part series  to prepare you for your first  home purchase. The videos cover the home buying process, it is a compilation for over 20 years of experience that will give you an advantage to begin the process
Our counselors are ready and waiting to provide you with the care and direction you need to take if homeownership is in your plans.
We can also  offer  guidance on improving your credit. 
To begin receiving counseling, please write us to or call 301-246-0001. 

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