Are Realtors Worth The Money? 

Selling a house


"Just realizing that just because people have access to the Internet, it doesn’t make them a real estate agent....and I should not pay for that"  That wasn't a question , not even a complain, My prospective (expired) seller client was just wondering aloud. . .

I'm sorry you experienced bad service before, but I can assure you, not all real estate agents are equal" . . That's all I could say to defend my industry and at least have a chance to convince this home seller that my services were different and I was worth the money.

In fact, I was NOT  just worth the money that I was charging him, I was worth a lot more. .and I intended to prove him wrong.

There are thousands of home sellers asking themselves this very question?

How much a Real Estate Agent Costs? 

My short version answer is: 

"A good real estate agent should not cost you any money...on the contrary!. . . "

The long version?

I did a video about it!


If you are thinking in selling your home soon. .

Perhaps reviewing the 7 Essential Rules of Real Estate Marketing could be an eye opener for you.

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 Looking to sell soon? -- Not all Realtors are the same: