I got this question out of the blue. . "Are You a Good Real Estate Broker"?

First, let me explain to you what is the difference between a real estate broker and a real estate agent?

The term real estate agent is generally applied to both real estate broker and real estate salesperson. Typically, a real estate salesperson must accumulate several years of experience and pass the licensing exam before being officially designated as a broker. A broker has more responsibilities if they are the designated broker of a Real Estate Office

What is the real value of hiring a real estate broker or a real estate agent ?

It is a fact that they both can assist you in the process of either buying or selling a house. A good broker/agent would know how to get proper financing, prepare your home for inspection and help you until the closing date. The value you get is their experience and know how to make the transactions as smooth as possible while protecting you at all times. Essentially, a broker may have an upper hand in negotiation details about your transaction over an inexperienced real estate agent.

Where can you find a good Real Estate Broker?

I really hope you don't have to look any further but. . just in case, the best sources of information on where to find a good real estate broker are your friends and family who recently purchased or sold a home. A good indication of a dedicated broker is the one who returns your calls immediately. Ignore those who can't seem to find the time to call you back, no matter how good they maybe. .communication is a key ingredient in achieving success in real estate.

Other source of information is the internet. The good brokers will have a strong presence in the Internet. Check their blogs, their websites and videos. That should give you a good indication if they are a match to what you are looking for. Another way, a little old fashioned but still important is to visit open houses in your neighborhoods, as this is also a live representation to show you what they are all about.

BrokerHow much a GOOD BROKER Should Cost You?

Before establishing any formal business relationship, you must determine just how much the broker will charge you. Generally, a good broker should not charge you if they are on the buying side. Sellers are generally the ones that picjk the tab up for you. Beware of "extra" fees inside some real estate transactions.. .as some brokers ask for fees when handling documents, apart from the agreed commission.

If you are selling, a broker's commission is fully negotiable. Be careful when negotiating what commission to pay and you may feel happy to get the upper hand. It is the same way after all. . how they will negotiate the price of your property with other brokers. If they are easy reducing a commission, they will be easy selling your property for the least amount of money.

Always make sure that the broker's personality fits your own, as you will become his/her friend during the experience… you will be spending a lot of time during the whole buying or selling process. If you can quickly establish faith and trust with your broker, then you know you have found a good one. A good broker should make you feel more important than even their own selves. A good broker will treat your transaction as urgent. Like you are their only client. Logically, a full-time broker or real estate agent is much preferable to one who just works part-time.

The Signing Of Exclusivity with your Broker/Agent

You may avoid hiring a full time broker when you first start the process. . but eventually you will be best served when you sign an exclusive agreement. Even the best Broker/Agents have their limits how many people they can work with at any given time. Their time and attention could save you thousands of dollars. They want to be fully engaged with you and assurance that they will get paid when services are rendered. . an exclusive agreement should do the trick.

But you also have to be careful and avoid brokers who ask you to sign exclusivity contract for several months. You should ask for a trial period and an acceptable end of contract if you perceive a less than desirable service.

As an example, we have a listing agreement that will not shackle you to us. . .you hold the key. If we don't perform, you can fire us at any time.

We never had one that fire us so far. . why?

Because we are confident our services are exactly what you were looking for. .and we risk it all to prove it!


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