Are you in the fence to buy real estate?

Why this may be the best of time to buy Real Estate



Take Three PILLS and call us in the morning. . 

#1 Bigger Down Payments Are Coming. ..
Currently, borrowers can try to get a mortgage from a bank with just 3.5% down by taking on mortgage insurance mostly because that mortgage is then guarantee as an FHA LOAN - The Federal Housing Administration is your ticket to a lower down payment right now. . 
But what about after the elections?
There are talks about a gradual increase of down payments in the future mostly because the Government can not afford it any longer and they also want homeowners to have a higher vested interest in the property they buy and slowly take the Federal Government away from insuring riskier loans.
#2 Interest rates are at an all time low.. .
With lower interest paid on mortgages, it also means you can get more house for the amount you can afford to pay each month. If you lock in for a 30 year term at today's interest rates, when interest rates rise, as they surely must, your interest rate will remain low. 
Just know that Mortgage Lenders now have plenty of money to lend on Real Estate. 
#3 Prices are still at 2003 levels. .
You are back in time to 2003
You are riding around looking for homes listening to Michael Jackson in your car radio.
Your re paying the same prices people paid nearly 10 years ago!
But beware of  the signs everywhere pointing to a resurgence of the housing market as never seen before.
Prices could go quickly from 2003 to 2013 quickly!

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