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Clarksburg MD 20871 Arora Hills

Arora Hills name must come from the rolling hills that greet you when you drive into this magnificent neighborhood.

Clarksburg Maryland has come a long way in the last 7 years. The housing crisis was felt alongside the rest of the country but buyers are not waiting anymore.

The market is coming strong towards the Spring of 2012 and the deals are all over the place!

New Homes For Sale

Builders are the ones that are going forward full blast and started their fierce pace on construction Arora Hills Homes For Saleagain.

One of the key aspects when buying a home directly from a builder is the Home Inspection

I'm often asked, should I hire an independent home inspector when buying a new home?

The answer is a resounding YES!

My most surprising home inspections that took place selling homes for the last 20 years come from new construction.

Why? Well, it is because large scale homebuilder's profits rise in direct proportion to the speed of which their homes are completed. Taking in consideration that most of the work is being done by sub-contractors that are being pressured in reducing their hourly rate with the excuse of the housing crisis and high unemployment. Corners are being cut in an effort to maintain the all-important profit margin for the builders that have suffered low sales the last 2 years.

Unfortunately, the builder cannot watch every sub-contractor at every single stage of the construction. . fortunately you know that now and a good home inspector should help you go to the next step.

Why Use an Agent to represent you Buying your New Home?

Easy: The salesperson you encounter at a new homes site is representing THE BUILDER. . .



5 Reasons why is that such a big deal to you?

  1. It doesn't cost you any more money. . you are paying for a buyer's agent if you have a buyer's agent or not
  2. Is it worthwhile to upgrade carpets and floor coverings with them by paying extra?
  3. Is it worthwhile to pay $25,000 extra for a lot premium when another's one is standard and has a better view?
  4. Saying the right words when negotiating can bring you a free finished basement. "They" want to negotiate the best for the builder NOT YOU !
  5. Reputation of the builder is very important; an experienced buyer's agent knows the good ones and is wary of the bad ones. .their salesperson will not tell you that. .but your agent will after selling many home through the years. .








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Sample of nice houses JUST SOLD in the last 6 MONTHS Clarksburg MD 20871 Area

Arora Hills Homes For Sale

Arora Hills Homes For Sale

OPPPS!.. .Are you missing the bottom of the market in Clarksburg?

With interest rates below 4% and home prices at its lowest points for the last 5 years. .

How much lower do you want it to go?

Clarksburg MD is bouncing back and it is one of the hottest markets in Montgomery County Maryland as of March 2012

Do you need Representation? Do you need to know where the good deals are?

Buying a new Home?


We will make the difference for you!

Here at Herboso & Associates, we understand what an important decision is finding just the right home . .

Our agents are committed to finding just the right place for you, your family, and even your beloved pets.

Our dedication to the buyers is unsurpassed in customer satisfaction.

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Arora Hills Homes For Sale

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