A Home Buyers' Guide To Buy a First Home

When you buy a home for the first time, you are assured to face many difficulties during the process.

There are many steps you must take before you even start looking for a home.

Advice at this time from well-meaning loved ones can be helpful, but buying a home is a major financial commitment and you would be wise to educate yourself on the home buying process before taking the first step.

Introducing: Your Real Estate Agent

Speaking with a real estate agent should be your first step after deciding in becoming a homeowner.

A real estate agent could give you an expert advice when you are ready to move ahead with homeownership.

An appointment should be sought with a Real Estate Agent for an interview. .but remembers, the purpose of this initial meeting is not to sign a representation agreement with the real estate agent, but instead to make yourself aware of the type of services they provide and if it matches your needs.

As an example, If the agent has no time to discuss the home buying process with you, then most likely they will not have that much time for you when you are looking for that particular house.

We recently have a call from an exasperated person complaining about a certain real estate agent.. .

It seemed that after showing her a few houses, he pressured her in writing an offer and refuse to show them more houses. .

Of course she did not fall for this high pressure tactic and she was seeking our help. My response to her was that our agents aren't really salespersons . . .we only facilitate a transaction for our clients when they find the right home. We help you and NOT SELL YOU!.

She started working with Carlos, our senior Real Estate agent that specializes exclusively with buyers. Carlos reported to me that after the 4th house he showed her, she was so at ease that she decided to write an offer for one property and now we have a contract!

A good real estate agent is all that. .he or she will offer you information on our local real estate market and give you an idea of the types of mortgage products that are available to you. A mortgage broker or lender can and will work in unison to help you as a buyer. . Their advices can give you valuable information when and how to buy a home.

Other areas that is very important for you as a buyer:

How to make an offer on a home you wish to purchase and the specifics involved in between making your initial offer and the final acceptance of the offer from the seller.

Another area that you need to understand fully is about the settlement costs, the down payment amount that you may need, and the length of time involved between the acceptance of your offer and the final closing date.

These are very important steps that need to be addressed clearly; if you to be to assured of a successful outcome.

The lender also plays a major role; make sure you understand your credit situation and what it means to you as far as applying for a mortgage.

Your down payment requirements and the interest rate you will receive are directly related to your credit score. You should be aware of exactly what is on your credit report before beginning the home buying process.

As a professional Real Estate Agent and broker, I know that buying a home can be stressful at times and that a calm attitude and the ability to cope with any issues that may arise calmly will make the purchase of your first home a more pleasant experience.

The guidance from your real estate agent is very important and it will give you a good start in making wise decisions when you purchase your first home.

Buying your first home is one of the most exciting events in your life. Give yourself the extra edge and get the right information you will need when you begin the home buying process.

I can assure you that your experience will be less stressful and you will benefit from the knowledge you have gained.

Good Luck!

Fernando Herboso

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