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Hi, my name is Fernando Herboso and a licensed broker in Maryland that specializes in distressed properties.

Having listed over 100 short sales in the last 4 years, this is a compilation of the HORROR stories that came from all these people that tried to save their homes and couldn't. . .


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1. A FREE Loan Modification Kit to homeowners who want to use it to reduce their mortgage payment and avoid foreclosure, you do not have to pay for it. . Nothing to lose here. You can always make a decision to hire somebody else. .we just want to help, our kit is FREE and you don't even have to return it to get any money back.


2. We help homeowners in near foreclosure stop the clock by assisting them with a short sale on their home. This will always be depending on your lender and your particular situation. .in most cases this can be accomplished.


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Fernando Herboso

I want to work for you. . .this is my bio.

My direct number is  240-426-5754  if you have any questions. . .


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