Homeowners that are considering a short sale with Bank Of America should take the right step to benefit with the latest programs that Bank of America now offers.

The Cooperative Short Sales Program is the latest program that could be relevant  whether your short sale gets approved or rejected.

I invite you to watch the enclosed video to inform you of the latest changes in Bank Of America Short Sales


Bank Of Amercia Short Sales


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Remember, a short sale is not a right that you may be entitled to  . .it is simple a way for Bank Of America  to resolve your case if a hardship prevents you from making you mortgage payments,

A Bank Of America  specialist will work with you and your real estate agent during the process to ensure all approval requirements are met and a timely decision is made.

Specialization: Choose a company that specializes in short sales and foreclosures, rather than one that offers a host of unrelated services.

“The person speaking on your behalf with Bank Of America  will determine your financial future years from now”

In case you are wondering. . 

How Much A Short Sale Cost Me After All?


In a short sale you SELL YOUR HOUSE

In a Foreclosure. . . YOU LOSE IT!

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We specialize in Short Sales for Maryland, DC and Virginia.