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3 Offers are better than one. .
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Our Easy Process

  • You contact us 
  • We evaluate by phone
  • We meet to complete a detailed house history data form
  • We present it to over 1000 of local investors in our database
  • We bring you 3 offers
  • You pick the best offer
  • We take care of the rest

These investors want to BUY your house 

We push them to act fast and get in a bidding mode
 Depending on your situation they can buy your house CASH,  even take over your payments, take over bad tenants, even if the house has severe mold issues, foundation problems. .etc

They buy your house AS IS and WHERE IT IS!
And we are the one to make it happen for you!

We have solutions for sellers in all types of situations regardless of circumstances, no matter how unique or dire your particular situation may seem or be. 

We know hot to present your "deal" to these investors, 
We have helped many homeowners sell their properties and get out from debt or  bad situations.. even after  others told them their situation is hopeless..

These investors  buy houses in all price ranges, in all types of condition and from people in all types of situations. 
Is all about creative solutions to get you 3 offers fast 
Let us show you how  we can do that for YOU Today!

Buy My House in Maryland FAST!


When We Say "Buy My House in Maryland FAST!"

 We Mean It!



We Can Help!

One call, that's all it takes. .no long forms to fill out. .we cut the B.S. out!
Just call 301-246-0001, tell us you want to sell your house under the 3 offer program, answer a few questions and we'll do the rest!
About the author: Fernando Herboso has over 23 years of real estate experience. .read the rest

Buy My House in Maryland FAST!