Buying a Home in Crown Gaithersburg?  This is NOT Reality TV!


Reality TV Shows represent a summary of all the steps that takes when purchasing a home.... and they can do it inside 30 minutes time!

In real life, buying a home could take several months for some families


These shows make it seem like a snap fingers-free process!

but is the buying, selling, and rehabbing of a home is not really that simple.


For example, a typical house buy for a community like Crown in Gaithersburg MD is not as easy as it seems


#1 The number one step to take is the qualifying process and repairing of credit if needed.


That alone could take several weeks of time since financial institutions, especially for the credit bureau could take several weeks for them to respond.

Our agents are trained in helping home buyers be prepared to purchase a home. 


#2 The number two step is the hardest for some families

Finding the right home for them in 99% of the time, the right home does not exist and part of the process for buyers to understand;  that THEY make it the right home once they move in.


#3 The process of repairing, remodelling and rehabbing a home before a buyer could move in..could take several months...meanwhile someone has to make the mortgage payments. Your lender will not wait for you to finish repairing your home. Although in some cases, your loan could be enough to cover the repairs and complete house

In general, homebuyers look sometimes dozens of homes before tey make up their mind. Your real estate agent does not make a fortune helping you buy a a job that takes hundreds of steps in some cases...they don't  get paid at the end. 


Now, let's talk about 5 Myths About Reality TV in Real Estate


Have you ever been flipping through the channels, only to find yourself glued to the couch in an HGTV binge session? We’ve all been there… watching entire seasons of “Love it or List it,” “Fixer Upper,” “House Hunters,” “Property Brothers,” and so much more, just in one sitting.

When you’re in the middle of your real estate themed show marathon, you might start to think that everything you see on TV must be how it works in real life, but you may need a reality check.


Reality TV Show Myths vs. Real Life:


Myth #1: Buyers look at 3 homes and make a decision to purchase one of them.

Truth: There may be buyers who fall in love and buy the first home they see, but according to the National Association of Realtors the average homebuyer tours 10 homes as a part of their search. 


Myth #2: The houses the buyers are touring are still for sale.

Truth: The reality is being staged for TV. Many of the homes being shown are already sold and are off the market. 


Myth #3: The buyers haven’t made a purchase decision yet.

Truth: Since there is no way to show the entire buying process in a 30-minute show, TV producers often choose buyers who are further along in the process and have already chosen a home to buy. 


Myth #4: If you list your home for sale, it will ALWAYS sell at the Open House.

Truth: Of course this would be great! Open houses are important to guarantee the most exposure to buyers in your area but are only a PIECE of the overall marketing of your home. Just realize that many homes are sold during regular listing appointments as well.


Myth #5: Homeowners make a decision about selling their home after a 5-minute conversation.

Truth: Similar to the buyers portrayed on the shows, many of the sellers have already spent hours deliberating the decision to list their homes and move on with their lives/goals.


Bottom Line

Having an experienced professional on your side while navigating the real estate market is the best way to guarantee that you can make the home of your dreams a reality!




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