We understand that many people do not realize they need representation when buying a home! 

When you call the agent on the sign, are you aware they can only represent  the seller?  In other words, the listing agent has an obligation to get as much as possible for the house they are trying to sell.. . that is their obligation!

Is like. . .  you were going to trial, would you hire the same attorney as your opponent?

Herboso &Associates has 2 full-time buyer specialists who will exclusively represent you and the best part is that it is FREE!  That's right.  You are represented at no cost to you. . all sellers pay our commissions

.  Our goal is to consult buyers and to keep them updated and educated throughout the entire process!

Below are additional benefits of  being represented by a Herboso & Associates  buyer consultant:

1) An Herboso & Associates consultant will help you find your ideal home.
We will connect you with our exclusive ListingBook.com Listings Notifications
2) An Herboso & Associates consultant  will make offers and negotiate on your behalf.
Our buyer specialists are always educated about the current market.  Our expertise to the
market, condition of home, and location  can  help you negotiate the best possible 
3) An Herboso & Associates consultant will take the contract to the closing table .  After your offer is 
negotiated and accepted, your buyer consultant will assist you with all the steps necessary to

If you are interested in getting started on your FREE, No Obligation MLS Home Call Carlos below. .

Carlos Herboso

Buyer Specialist

Herboso & Associates llc

Cell 240-671-5542

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Office 301-246-0001