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Jan. 23, 2016

Snow Everywhere...

Subject: I'm Shovellin' Today. . .

#1 Have a Movie Marathon        #2 Get Creative in the Kitchen        #3 Sleep All Day 
#4 Start a Project             ...
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Sept. 28, 2013

Land for Sale in Germantown Maryland | Lots For Sale

Neighborhood Spotlight

Buying Land in  Germantown Maryland


Buying land in Germantown MD ?
Relocating your family has to be a major change on your life and it is important that you find the right support to help you with your move.
The questions can be indeed overwhelming.  ...
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July 2, 2013

New Construction Homes for Sale in Clarksburg MD

New Construction Homes for Sale in Clarksburg MD 

Besides talking directly to a builder for a new home construction. 
There may be an opportunity to buy a vacant lot and  that you could build your own house there.

Many lenders are more than happy to lend you money to ...
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July 29, 2012

Land The Opportunity . Seriously!


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Short Sales 

MD Land . . "Land" the Opportunity!



They aren't making any more land...Heard that before?

One thing not too many people are talking about these days is land.

The builders aren't building like they did a few years ...

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July 5, 2012

Land For Sale

 Land For Sale

Why People Buy Land? 

There are few feelings as rewarding as owning your own piece of land. The American dream has always been of expanding ownership of land.
It is essentially an extension of the American Dream. . . relentlessly pushing onward to the next frontier. The desire to plant our roots ...
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