One thing you should know about loan modifications with Chase bank. . is that getting it approved is not something that happened in a matter of days.. .most loan modifications take between 3-6 months for getting it approved.

The most disheartening thing for a lot of homeowners is that after all this time. . there still the possibility that after a full 6 months of long wait, you may still get rejected.


Being patient is a virtue when doing a loan modification with Chase.


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10 Loan Modification Secrets Your Bank Does Not Want You To Know. . .


Hi, my name is Fernando Herboso and a licensed broker in Maryland that specializes in distressed properties.

Having listed over 100 short sales in the last 4 years, this is a compilation of the HORROR stories that came from all these people that tried to save their homes and couldn't. . .


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Are you standing in line for a loan modification or loan mortification?

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