short sales    When you are contemplating a short sale with Chase, the few steps you must take are as follows:

Remember, a short sale is not a right that you are entitled to  . .it is simple a way for Chase to resolve your case if a hardship prevents you from making you mortgage payments,

A Chase Loss Mitigation specialist will work with you and your real estate agent during the process to ensure all approval requirements are met and a timely decision is made.

Chase bank requires for you to complete a request for Short Sale using the Short Sale Information Packet. This contains the information they  need describing your situation as well as contains a checklist of the supporting documentation you'll need to provide. If you have already submitted your financial information and hardship affidavit as part of a failed loan modification request, you can use the Short Sale Supplemental Packet which outlines the required information regarding the sale of the property.

To download the appropriate documents for a Chase Short Sale GO HERE 

Please review the enclosed video for the :



This is the time where our experience can help you put this together. .
We have negotiated with Chase many times before and we know the ins and outs of their process.
Specialization: Choose a company that specializes in short sale and foreclosure, rather than one that offers a host of unrelated services.

In case you are wondering. . 

How Much A Short Sale Cost Me After All?


In a short sale you SELL YOUR HOUSE

In a Foreclosure. . . YOU LOSE IT!

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