RENÉ CADIMA was my uncle. .

He died a few years ago. .

He was living in Vallegrande Bolivia when Ernesto "Che" Guevara was assassinated by soldiers in October 9th 1967

He became famous worldwide because he was the photographer that recorded the historic moment

When "El Che"'s body was displayed in the open. . .

My uncle's pictures have been stolen and plagiarized many times all around the world

But he was the man that took these famous pictures on that faithful day. .

RENÉ CADIMA (read article about him here)

In 1996 I was visiting my uncle (the last time I saw him) and as he was fond of photographic cameras, he took a liking on my camera that I was using at that time.

I brought that camera from the USA where I reside now. .

I made a deal with my uncle. .

I asked him to make me a small little album from all the famous pictures of "El Che" and I promised my camera as an exchange

He smiled and agreed. .

A few days later before my departure he gave me this cheesy photo album. . .


I mean it was a cheap little album he found somewhere. .

Having it all these years, the album has even started to come up apart. . .

But the real prize was inside. .

My dear uncle put a collection of his famous pictures. .

I was floored. .

Here there were pictures after pictures of Ernesto "Che" Guevara

Like I never saw it before. .

While I was admiring my newly acquired album of these historic pictures, he filled me in about the details how he took these pictures. .

Page after page . . .

He even included new pictures he took when the remains of El Che were discovered in the small airport of Vallegrande Bolivia

And he even included some film (negatives)

You know the old types where you have to take it to be printed at the photo shop

I never really had it develop considering .. he gave me 3 frames of pictures he took about his work in print. .

He was a very proud man and I thanked him for the gift/exchange

He even included a letter signed by him. .

With a little more detail about his famous pictures. .

I have this album tucked away and from time to time, I look at it, enjoy it and smile at the memory of my uncle. .

He was a gentle and gifted man that lived a simple life and accidentally became famous

I decided to sell my album to someone that can appreciate the history and the beauty of his work. .

I figured it, by selling it, I will be able to buy the Spanish Guitar I've been wishing to get for a long time. .

But most importantly, I would love his work to be the center of attention for a Che Guevara connoisseur somewhere around the world

So his name can be recognized as the person that took some of the most famous pictures in the last 100 years


Here's my uncle that collaborated and participated in the making of the film "The Hands of Che Guevara"

If you have any questions. . .I will be glad to answer it

Thank You,