Property Checklist for Preparing Your Home 

Before Listing It 


Most sellers make the mistake of assuming that simply having a clean home and asking all family members to pick after themselves while "They are selling their homes"  is a good contribution from them in which to conduct a sale. 


I can assure you. .

It is not. 


Sellers must understand that homebuyers are very particular determining which property to choose. . 


The house is not about the seller's comfort anymore.. 

It is more of the homebuyer feelings in which THEY can feel comfortable and can envision themselves settling down in that particular house.


When selling a home.. 

Is not a home anymore. .

It becomes a "house" 

and your house becomes a product.. 

 and as soon as the seller realizes this. .

The seller will have a much better selling experience. 


Before listing your property, sellers should help their agents and  address a few issues to avoid any problems. 


This is a partial checklist. . 


1. Clean up closets...not stuff them with more items you don't want to throw away.


2. Clean up garages...a reflection of how you keep the rest of your house.


3. Clean the refrigerator, the oven and all the appliances. .make them spotless. .  


4. If you have an attic, clean and organize it...serious buyers look inside attics and perhaps use it as a  tipping point for them


6. Make sure all light bulbs work; plus add wattage. . make it bright!


7. Fertilize the yard a few weeks before listing the home. Green grass sells!


8. Repair leaky faucets, another reflection of the sellers maintenance program.


9. Clean the windows like never before. .  . no spots!


Again, the goal is not to give an excuse for the buyer to discount your house. . 

Pretend you are a builder . .

and your house is the showcase model home. .



To read more about this and other important facts all home sellers should know before selling. 

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Ten Ugly Truths For Home Sellers Infographic


Selling Homes Infograpic

The "10 Ugly Truths You Must Know Before Selling" is part of a complete home selling system that we've developed during the past few years ? embracing new technology and rejecting old past techniques from the 80’s. .


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Ten Ugly Truths For Home Sellers Infographic