The Choices You Won’t Regret Years From Now. . .
"I will never regret the things I’ve done.
But, I regret the things I didn’t do when I had the chance."
At the end of our journey, when your vehicle finally goes off the cliff. . we will not regret the things that we have done, as a matter fact, in those precious last minutes of life that  you may have left, we are not  going to think about it . . .as much as the things we  really haven't done.
About  the relationships we were too afraid to have, those decisions that we didn't have guts to make,  the places we waited too long to visit. .on and on . . and now is too late. 
Ricardo Semler is a Brazilian entrepreneur and during a Ted Talk presentation he pondered this very question. 
What if your doctor tells you that you only have 6 months to live? 
You are terminally ill and there is nothing they can do about it .
"Go home, get comfortable and die in 6 months"
I'm sure everyone one of us will react in a different way, 
but the bottom line is all of us may end up with similar decisions..
I will love my family and I will enjoy them even more. .
I will be very nice to them.. even to everybody!
I will travel where I wanted to go and procrastinated for so many years 
I will write a book
I will write a memoir for my children to have...
I will climb a mountain
I will explore land where tigers roam...
I will. . . . .. .
But what if? 
If there is no terminal illness?
You are going to live anyways. . 
Why do we have to wait for doctors orders. .
to finally do what you really want to do with your life? 
What Ricardo Semler did next was brilliant . .. 

He promise himself that Mondays and Thursdays from now on, he will act and pretend like he has 6 months to live. . 

He propagated the same idea to his company and employees
And  now he talks around the things he has already accomplished . .
his trips and adventures as he collects this memories...
To make sure that on his death bed. .
there will not be any regrets. .
but just a smile.

Take the time to watch. .

Ricardo Semler  Ted Talk
and get inspired as I was. .. 

Have a great weekend!