Clarksburg-Boyds Maryland Housing Projects for 2014


There is a lot of money being being shuffle around by developers with the Montgomery County Council’s review of larger retail and housing projects around  the Ten Mile Creek watershed in the Clarksburg -Boyds area.

The Ten Mile Watershed near Clarksburg - Boyds area is the reason what the county Council has delayed the decision  to give new Construction developer Pulte Homes the OK to go ahead and build 1,000 residential units west of Interstate 270 in Boyds

The  Ten Mile Watershed near Clarksburg - Boyds is a creek that drain directly to Little Seneca Lake, an emergency backup water supply for our region during droughts.

"Opposition to the development of our area argue that water drainage from all of this new construction could pollute Little Seneca Lake and reduce the water supply capabilities for our area"

To compliment the new influx of residents to this new area in Clarksburg - Boyds; another company has also asked permission to build a mixed-use Tanger fashion outlet center with restaurants, offices and housing just right off east of I-270 exit #18.

village homes

The two Montgomery County Council’s review that will participate in giving the OK for these two major projects are the Planning, Housing, and Economic Development and the Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy & Environment committee.

They are set to meet in January 13th, 17th  and January 24th to make a decision if the projects pose an environmental threat to the Ten Mile Creek watershed

The major player that tends to gain a lot from all of this is Pulte Homes, They own the land and they have threatened to sue the County if they are rejected.

"Between Pulte Homes 1000 new housing units and the mixed-use Premium fashion outlet that has been proposed, our area in Clarksburg will grow tremendously in the next few years"

I can't argue about the environmental impact for this huge project being proposed, I don't have the facts and I trust our leaders will make the right decisions

I do however live in Clarksburg, and I know the impact that will be created by the increase of traffic in our area.
A priority in my opinion is that Clarksburg Town Center needs to go ahead and fulfill their promises to finish building their revised plan that consists of development of the center with a full-sized supermarket, county library and other amenities. .these were promises when they were given the original permission to build there.

Fact is that , 2014 and beyond promises an increase of traffic that will have to be addressed  by our county leaders.
Can I-270 take an additional  influx of 1000 families more?
When you also consider the addition of hundreds more for the areas in and around  Clarksburg Village ...there will many more residents coming to this area.?

The Clarksburg Master Plan (which governs the growth of the city) directly targets Clarksburg to become the single most northern active population center along the I-270 corridor. If you are considering a new place to live in Montgomery County Maryland. .despite of all the uncertainties . .The Clarksburg community still should be an easy choice for many reasons.

Clarksburg-Boyds Housing Projects for 2014