Crown Gaithersburg MD | The Tale of Two Markets [INFOGRAPHIC]


As Gaithersburg has developed over the years, many neighborhoods are now blended with one and another without any distinction or personalities. 

Not in CROW, the newest and most vibrant community in Gaithersburg MD   

Located next to Rio, this new and unique neighborhood is separate in four groups   


* Downtown Crown   

* Crown West   

* Crown Central    

* Crown East    


If you are looking for city-living style with a flair of urban village, The Crown community has everything to offer and more. 

There is even a direct Metro Shuttle between the community and Shady Grove Metro Station to connect you directly with Washington DC and its surroundings.   

Today, I would like to talk about The Tale of Two Markets


Some Highlights:

 * An emerging trend for some time now has been the difference between available inventory and demand in    the premium and luxury markets and that in the starter and trade-up markets and what those differences    are doing to prices!

 * Inventory continues to rise in the luxury and premium home markets which is causing prices to cool.

 * Demand continues to rise with lower-than-normal inventory levels in the starter and trade-up home    markets, causing prices to rise on a year-over-year basis for 80 consecutive months.


Source.. KCM Fernando Herboso Blog


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