Crystal City, Arlington, VA Amazon Amazing Housing Opportunities 2019

It’s official now, Crystal City located in Arlington County Virginia will become home to Amazon’s long-anticipated second headquarters.

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Amazon Crystal City

After the great news and passing congratulations between city government officials , comes the realization: “Where are we going to house all these new families moving into the area?” 

Even before the Amazon announcement, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, was saying that by 2025, the region required an additional 235,000 housing units just to keep pace with already anticipated job growth, …and the grim news, only about 170,000 were currently expected.

Now, add the Amazon online giant and the tremendous pressure it brings to housing in the area

Amazon already promised 50,000 new jobs for their new HQ2…plus! 

Secondary supporting jobs in Restaurants, entertainment, transportation, housekeeping …etc, etc

Amazon Headquarters HD2

The new headquarters will employ high-paid, high-skilled workers according to the company’s planning. The average salary will be at $150,000. 

Those workers will need every bit of that salary to pay for housing..if they want to live within a reasonable commuting distance.

Arlington’s low vacancy rate already can make it difficult for families with limited financial resources to find housing.

This has already puts upward pressure on house prices and rents. 

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Finally, we know that Crystal City in Arlington County has already one of the highest rents in the area. Now that the online giant Amazon is now moving in…it will be difficult for families with limited financial resources to find housing.

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