For my Wife on her Birthday…

As I cup my hands gently together,

and fill my hands with refreshing water,

to calm my thirst….

It reminds me of the love I have for you…

my beautiful wife…

Being older has made me wiser and now,

I see it clearly …

That the love I have for you is like,

holding water inside my hands.

If I never wanted to end…I have to keep refilling it with water.

The water symbolizes the love I have for you

I know it is a very delicate thing…

like holding water in the cup of your hand…

It will eventually drain out…unless I

keep refilling it everyday

This is why I promise to always give you

on a daily basis

love, comfort, respect, admiration and protection..

Not only I want to earn your love,

but I want to keep it forever…

I shall never stop refilling the water of the love I have for you.

…and I will do that

with my daily actions of appreciation

I’m so happy that you are by my side.

Happy Birthday Mi Amor!

Te Amo,