Types of Hardships That Qualifies For A Short Sale

Why are banks increasingly willing to embrace short sales as an alternative to foreclosure?
Simple: Because they lose LESS MONEY! CHEAPER!
So, if you are procrastinating, not knowing what to do?
And you are tired living with the uncertainty if you have a place to live tomorrow. . 
Take control of your financial life. .and consult with an experienced Short Sales Specialist to take your next step
Fernando Herboso is a Short Sale Specialist in Maryland DC and Virginia 
Expert in  Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Chase Short Sales.
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Fernando Herboso has listed over 160 short sales, trained dozens of agents "how to do short sales "and has authored the following books about short sales
Author of the eBOOK "Is A Short Sale An Option For Me?
Author of the eBOOK "AdiosLender.com"
Author of the eBOOK " 10 Secrets To Loan Modifications"
Author of the eBOOK " Avoid Foreclosure Hell"
Author of the Ebook " 31 Reasons To DO A SHORT SALE"

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