Do I need a Real Estate Agent to buy a home? 

Should you hire an agent or not?

Do I really Need an Agent To Buy a House?
Why should you search for your new home in Maryland, DC and Virginia with
If you are looking for a new home to buy anywhere in the Washington Metropolitan area, we strongly believe that this is where you need to start your search.
3 reasons. .

Most "National" companies concentrate in "volume" and they appear to be local everywhere.
This "volume" sometimes is about outdated listings and/or misinformation.
Direct Information request is sent to the Real Estate Agent that pays the most for your lead without regard if that Realtor is experienced and/or knowledgeable
Our agents work here, live here and have children attending local schools.
Our agents belong to their local PTA's
Our agents know the next big project being built that will affect real estate prices
Our agents know about local "Government Incentives" to help home-buyers
Our agents know exactly where are the over-priced houses in our neighborhoods
Our agents know a good deal when they see it
Our agents know how to negotiate to maximize your buying power
Our agents know what house is going to be foreclosed soon in the neighborhood
Our agents are real people just like you, with a desire to help guide you trough your choices
and making sure your family is safe and secure.

Our listing database is all about the "FRESHEST LISTINGS",
plus information for all property types that have been marked as active and presently available to be published on our site. Currently, this database has about 99.8% accuracy of all the available active listings taken directly from our LOCAL Multiple Listings Services (MLS)

Understand that we provide only the "freshest" property information as it appears in our MLS database at the time of your search; Be assured that you are seeing the most recent additions to our database and that you are not wasting your time with listings that are no longer available as some of the National sites carry.

YES or NO?



If you’re thinking about homeownership, ask yourself some basic questions and get informed as much as possible about the home-buying process. It will be easier for your real estate agent to help you find the dream home you are looking for. . 

Buying a home with no agent is like being your own surgeon.  . everybody needs it!

Buying a Home is Like Dancing

(You Can't Do it By Yourself!)  



Do I need a Real Estate Agent to buy a home?