Does Your Credit Score Drops

If You Check Your Own Credit? 

A question that many new home buyers ask themselves when looking to buy a home.

The advice from your friends and family comes in different versions but has the same message: Don't check your credit scores  often...because it will drop for too many inquiries.

Over the years, I saw some lenders and loan officers use this excuse in order to keep their prospects from shopping around fro better rates with their competition..

Under normal circumstances, you are allowed to shop for a mortgage when you are buying a home.

Every credit inquiry you approved for someone to take is either

A Hard Inquiry

or a 

Soft Inquiry

A Hard Inquiry will affect your credit scores

A Soft inquiry MAY NOT affect your credit scores f you are shopping around for a better rate

You are not going to be punished if you are shopping for the best rate for a certain period of time, this could be 14 days or more...

CAUTION: This only applies when you are shopping for the same type of credit . 

When you are shopping for a mortgage to buy a house


When you are shopping for a car and you want the best rates..

either or....but don't mix them!

Here's a handy chart with 6 Myths About Credit Scores


Myths About Credit Scores


After making the decision to buy a home, 

The best advice I can give you is to find an advocate to your needs.

A person or a group that will supply you with the best advice and chart a detailed  direct road to home buying based on your particular needs without any generalizations..

We want to be that person for you, 

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