Educating a Homebuyer in Finding Their Dream Home is Our Main Priority

The services we provide for our clients comes from a unique perspective. .
If we don't tell you the true. . we can't help you!
Our experience and knowledge is the value we provide for you.
I heard this statement over the weekend
A first time homebuyer seems to be  waiting to buy their home 
because. ...

1% Rate Change = 10.75% Purchasing Power Change

The changing mortgage rates do more to influence home affordability and home prices
They also can change your monthly mortgage payment to the bank
Your timing is key if you want to buy the most expensive house at the lowest price that you can afford.

If that seems strange to you, think back to the last two years,
you've missed the bottom already!

What a great time was to buy a move up home back then. .
a vacation condo in Florida near the beach was easily found for around $100K!
An investment townhouse walking distance to the Metro Rail System was valued around $150K

Even a condo in Bethesda Maryland was just under $200K then.

Your buying power is being reduced almost by the day!

This information is key for you to make a decision today. .
This is why we believe in our company . .
that all our agents should approach every client with the mindset that they are helping them find their dream home.
The home where a family will make their memories part of their lives.. .for years to come
This is why we believe that.. .
We are are not really salespersons.. 
We are consultants, educators and professionals that have one single goal in mind. .
To help one person achieve a dream while empowering us with the right to become their first choice for the future. .
The choice that we've become their number advocate for all their real estate needs and all their friends and family.

This is why you should call us. . 

Educating a Homebuyer in Finding Their Dream Home is Our Main Priority