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"Fifty Shades Of Listings Gone Bad "

 Q: What's The Longest Its Taken To Sell a House in the Washington DC Metro Area? 

Feeling down about the fact that my perfectly lovely house - which is in a different state - has been on the market 110 days with no offers.

Not asking for advise on how to sell my house faster, just wondering what was the longest it took to sell a home in this area?

Maybe it will help me feel better knowing that EVENTUALLY my house will sell. 

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A:This is more for amusement than constructive to help you sell your home faster.  
To answer your question, I did a quick search on the MLS to find who has the dubious distinction of having SOLD their home for the longest time period in the Metro area...
This is what I found: 
There was a  house in Washington DC that took 3117 DAYS!! to sell.. . 
What is amusing is that the agent put into the remarks section of the listing: 
"Owner Wishes for a Quick Sale" 
Talk about Fifty Shades of punishment for this poor seller...
In any case that Realtor has missed her calling. She should be training agents how to keep their clients happy when selling a property. 
She could make a fortune with her techniques!
I wonder the reason why it took this Realtor 3117 days to sell this property? 
I know that there are only 3 general reasons why homes do not sell. . .
Price, Condition & Marketing
What about price? 
I imagine this question was asked at some point during the process. .
“Don’t we have to start high so we can come down?”
and as they days passed, they dropped the price but not enough to be a contender with the competition.
What about condition? 
"Should I remove my collection of stuff that I accumulated for the last 25 years before showing the property? 
"Nawh" . . it will be alright!..let's put it for sale!" 
They should have know...that appearance is critical, and it would be foolish to ignore this when selling a home. 
You may not be able to change your home’s location or floor plan, but you can do a lot to improve its appearance before putting it in the market.
What about the marketing? 
"What marketing?"
When selling your home, make sure that your largest asset is given the maximum exposure it deserves

No one looks pretty in the dark!