The benefits of financing a real estate investment in Maryland can be difficulty enough with the new changes in the finance industry. Not only does it give you the daunting task going through financial applications that could eventually just lead you to a negative response. Most lenders know that they can't go back to their criteria of yesterday's free-for-all.. And as much as they would love to lend you money, it's simply very hard to get a loan these days. However, this is not the end; there are various other ways to get your deal financed.

Private Lenders. .

An investor in Maryland can look for private lenders to finance his deal. Though the investor might have to pay a rate of interest that is higher than what the banks ask for, but there will be lesser hassles and more of a positive response . . . you just have to convince them on the deal and not necessarily on YOU


What does an investor do when he has to evaluate you as the borrower?

Well, the following is a sample of one investor we work with:

Loan features:    

  • All loans are approved based on equity
  • Loan amount based on ARV (after repair value), not purchase price or as-is value
  • Fast approvals / Fast closings
  • No monthly mortgage payments in DC and VA 
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • No minimum credit scores - No W2's or tax returns required - No bank documents required
  • No minimum loan amount
  • No upfront fees or deposits for due diligence or LOI.  We'll review your deal in-depth and if approved, we will issue you a firm Commitment Letter (at no cost).  Yes, even on commercial deals.

We can do:

  • Residential acquisition and/or rehab (must be non-owner occupied)
  • Commercial properties (office, retail, storage, hotels, motes, condo offices, gas stations, others case-by-case)
  • Condo conversions
  • Mixed-Use
  • Brand new construction from ground up
  • Unlimited cash out refinancing
  • Construction bailout (helping stalled projects get back on track)
  • Equity Joint Venture Partnerships (you bring deal / we bring cash / we split profit) 
  • Debt Joint Venture Partnerships



An investor can raise and leverage your time and your money . . . just surround yourself with the right people on the trenches and don't pay attention to the infomercials that only want to take your money!

Herboso & Associates llc is just the right company for the serious investor. . We help you locate the property PLUS we also help locate the money. .

One caveat: You need to be serious, as the Broker / Owner I don't let my agents waste their times because they have families to feed.. . If you are serious, we are your guys! CHECK US OUT HERE

I think you need us. . . don't you?