rent vs buy First Time Home Buyers Grants and Programs in Maryland 
There is absolutely no reason why anyone who has decent employment and wants to buy a home today 
. .couldn't do it.
The reason why people say buying is better than renting is simply because it is true!
You are paying a mortgage anyway!
I can assure you. You are better off paying your own mortgage that your landlord's. . 
What if you don't have the money for the down payment?
If your funds are low and saving for a down payment has become very difficult, you are in luck if you want to live in Maryland today
Our state government of Maryland along the county & city governments, have the funding available to help
and assist you as a first time home buyer . . . 
and purchase your first home today.
The reason why they want to help you is that they want to stimulate the economy and they have allocated lots of money to help first time home buyers in the form of cash, down payment assistance, gifts and/or credits . . all of which could decimate the money you will need to buy a home today!

What if you are having issues with your credit?
That is another obstacle that can easily be fixed if you are working with the right people that wants to make it happen

My name  is Fernando Herboso, Broker/CEO for Maxus Realty Group. In the last few months, I have developed a team of dedicated professionals to help anyone who has the desire to become a homeowner today in Maryland.
My team can help you repair your credit or simply increase your credit scores before you can buy a home. Their help could literally save you hundreds of dollars per month on your mortgage payments.
Our credit repair program is designed to chart the course, and give you the exact steps to find the quickest way to raise your credit scores so you can buy a home in 2014
They also have full knowledge of any cash, down payment assistance, gifts and/or credits that is available for you based on your current financial status.
While some of these funds are well known to some people, there are others that are available and get very  little attention from the a matter fact, even some real estate agents and  loan officers  are not even aware that some of these programs exist!

If you have a genuine desire to become a homeowner in 2014, all you have to do is raise your hand by clicking the picture below
first time home buyers

I'm so certain that my team of professionals can help you buy a home in 2014 that:
I'm willing to give you a personal guarantee!
If my team can not help you obtain a mortgage to buy a home in 2014. . .
I will pay you five hundred dollars ($500.00) for your trouble. (call us for details) 

If you are tired of people overlooking you with indifference the second your application becomes an issue that needs lots of work. . .
This is the opportunity you have been waiting for!
Clcik on the picture below and take your first step  that will make a huge different to your financial freedom 3 -5 -10 years from now

first time home buyers

First Time Home Buyers Grants and Programs in Maryland