The Foreclosure Rescue Trap

The foreclosure rescue being perpetrated in various predatory real estate practices is aimed at vulnerable, often low-income, minority homeowners facing foreclosure today. When a homeowner falls behind on his mortgage payments and enters a foreclosure path, the foreclosure notices are published in newspapers and their faith is displayed in the public via newspaper notices or court records.

Solicitation Rescue artists obtain the contact information for the distressed homeowners and make contact personally, by phone, or through direct mail.

The work offenders prey their practices in the poor and the uninformed.. . Easy prey for them.

We have rescued many homeowners from their grasps. Unfortunately this is after the homeowner has spent thousands of dollars in a futile attempt.

A Loan Modification could be what most of these people needed to being with. .

A loan modification involves changing one or more terms of a mortgage so the payments can become affordable again. Modifications can be considered to reduce the interest rate of the mortgage, change the mortgage product (from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate, for example), extend the term of the mortgage or capitalize delinquent payments (add delinquent payments to the mortgage balance-only available in extreme hardship situations).

Most often, a loan modification could be the tool to use to save your house and stop a foreclosure.

There are many organizations that could help you get all these information for FREE. Do not fall prey to scam artists.

Arm yourself to protect your assets.

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