Fort Detrick Maryland 

Frederick County Maryland and Fort Detrick Maryland  Real Estate Report & Homes For Sale for October 2012

We hope you that will find the following snapshot of Fort Detrick Maryland Real Estate Market & inventory interesting. These charts  represent the condition of our local market here in Frederick County Maryland and an easy explanation. .

Let's Begin. . 

Something to note right away. . .these charts represent the state of the market YEAR over YEAR for the last 5 YEARS.

Explanation: The first chart depicts the average days you will expect a listing to last when it comes for sale.
What Does It Mean? :As you can see, we are at the lowest areas for the last 5 years. Listings are becoming scarce as more buyers seem to take advantage of the low interest rates

Explanation: The AVERAGE sold PRICE in the last five years vs the Median SOLD PRICE.
What Does It Mean? :As you can see, these two come hand in hand, but the most important factor is that show signs of normalcy. .  is the fact that we have slowly progressed in the last 5 years to what we were in 2007 


Explanation: The first chart depicts the Median Sold Price and the second shows that Average SOLD price. .what is the difference?
What Does It Mean? :It is just two different ways to find the average SOLD PRICE on homes at any given moment. An average is the sum of all SOLD every year and divided by 5 . . and the median just measure the  middle trend without becoming askew in case of an unusual SOLD price that is not representative to the local market. 

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