For Sale by Owner Listing Services 

The Pricing Of Your Home

Overpricing your house can make it take longer to sell,
Under-pricing your house can make your house sell fast. .
So you want to get the price just right.
Not too high. . not too low. . just right

There is a myth out there that is going around. . 
You want to "try" the market . 
others call it "Testing the Market" 
But I can assure you, right here --right now
You are not fooling anyone!

You house will sell for what a lender is willing to lend to the buyer. .

While you may set a high price with the idea of having negotiating room, if you set it too high, many prospective buyers won't even bother looking at your home. . 
The ones they do are comparing them with "well priced homes" and you will be losing in the comparison game.

In reality, having some negotiating room is fine, but even in a sellers market , overpricing by more than 10% will make your competitors look good and you will be the reason why those houses sell 

Watch the video below to see the importance in pricing your home.


Did you know that just the fact that you are a FSBO alone would put you at a disadvantage when negotiation the sales price.

The other side knows you are saving the commissions. . and they want part . . or all of it!

Buyers aren't fair. .but they are smart!

 If I was a seller, knowing what I learned by being a broker and real estate agent since 1990..I would order an appraisal.

A $500 investment that will assure me a good platform to negotiate for my house. . .
and I will not blindsided with low offers and wondering if I should take them or not. ..

                       You are not alone. . 

For Sale by Owner Listing Services 

The Pricing of your home