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" Let there be light"  
Open it up and turn on the lights. .a dark house seems smaller and people will not buy when they can not see. . .
You want your house to be vibrant and full of life!
You want people imagining living there. .
rather than. .
squinting their eyes and asking " who is there?"

Cleanliness is next to godliness 
This refer about the simplest and cheapest method to raise your house appeal

Buyers imagine their loved ones using the bathrooms. .a dirty toilet isn't helping you, I can assure of that!
The cook of the family is imagining using the kitchen to feed their loved ones. .
A dirty kitchen will not be unnoticed by a buyer . . . 
Dirty kitchens go hand and hand with UNSOLD HOUSES

Watch this video about to raise your house appeal.  .  .when selling your home 

In an attempt to save a few dollars, a for sale by owner  may end up losing a lot  of money by  missing documentation and/or signatures that may cost them the deal and having to start again Worst yet, they are opening themselves to lawsuits for unintentional items that a sue-happy buyer may see as an opportunity. .

Statistics really show that most FSBO's do not actually save the 6% on commissions but pass on the savings to the buyer while they represent themselves unknowingly. .

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                                                                                      You are not alone. .