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How does a short sale affect my credit rating when compared to a foreclosure?”

FACT: The effects of Short Sale on your Credit Score is definitely a lot less than a foreclosure.
When you miss a payment on your mortgage, obviously this has a definite negative effect on your credit score. . .
In a short sale . . this is exactly what affects your credit directly!
I presume that you maybe behind on your payments already,
the more days you fall behind on your mortgage, the harder the effect on your credit score.

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“Thank you Fernando  and Susan (Team Member)for EVERYTHING!  We are so relieved to be out of this mess and to be able to start over again.
It really has taken a load off of our minds and knocked down the stress level A LOT!  You were both completely on top of your game (and the mountain of paperwork) which made this entire process go so smoothly.  I really cannot believe that it's OVER and everything did work out to our advantage.  We knew we were taking a gamble with the short-sale, but we really owe our success to you and your team.”

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"Herboso & Associates did an excellent job of listing my condo and handling the short-sales process for me.  Fernando is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my questions and concerns. He was efficient and took care of all the negotiating with the lender and the buyer.
California Client, A. Nguyen"

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