Hardship Letter
SAMPLE for a Short Sale Application

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The following is another example of a hardship letter correctly written by a homeowner.
A Hardship letter is something lenders will require to consider you for a short sale. This is your opportunity to bring your case to them. . why are you in a hardship? . . .you only have one chance. . make it count!
Your hardship letter should not be used to complain to what they have done or not done to make your situation worse. This letter must be honest and represent the facts clearly and to the point.
The main body of a hardship letter is about your situation that caused you to fall behind and what caused your financial problems.
Handwritten is better. .

This is why:

A HARDSHIP LETTER humanizes your short sale application

Hardship letter sample

See another example of a Hardship Letter


If you qualify for a short sale, you DO NOT PAY FOR THE SERVICES . .your banks does!
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How Much A Short Sale Cost Me After All?

foreclosures"A short sale could be the option you are looking for"

In a short sale you SELL YOUR HOUSE

In a Foreclosure. . . YOU LOSE IT!

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