What  to Expect With a Home Inspection

When Buying Your Home?

 by; Fernando Herboso Broker for Maxus Realty Group 


"A dog bit my home inspector while doing my home inspection, do I pay his doctor bills?


The homeowner's insurance company should be involved if by accident the homeowner's dog injures any party during a home inspection. You should ask your broker and an attorney for advice. 

You should ask your broker and an attorney for advice. 

The only responsibility you have when buying a home is to make the decision to have a home inspection. 

So, while I can not answer you directly about the dog incident, I can advise strongly  to complete your home inspection with the same inspector or another one (if incapacitated) and protect yourself as a homebuyer. 

As you know, 

As soon as you made an offer to buy a home, and it gets accepted, now your next step is to have the home inspected prior to closing. Most of the time, an offer to buy a home has a condition called a "contingency"
Your offer is made and accepted contingent on a clean home inspection.

This contingency is put in place to protect your best interests as it allows you to renegotiate the price paid for the home if, during the home inspection, there are issues of important repairs needed to prior to your occupancy of your new home.

Normally your real estate agent will ask the sellers to cover repairs on your behalf, or even, in some cases, your agent may recommend/advice to walk away. Your agent has the knowledge to advise you on the best course of action once the report is presented to you for your approval.


Home Inspection

How to Choose an Inspector-

Most often, your agent will most likely have a short list of home inspectors that they have worked with in the past...they will most likely recommend them to you. Ultimately you have to make the final decision of what inspector to choose for your home inspection.

These are the most important things to consider when choosing the right home inspector.

Price -

There are many differences on Home Inspection prices these days. A normal price range is between $350-$600, anything outside that price range could be a warning sign of overcharging or undercharging
There are particular cases when a property may warrant a more specialized home inspection...but most often the price you will have to pay for a home inspection should be within that range.

Qualifications –
You want to know what’s included in your inspection & if the age or location of your home may warrant specific certifications or specialties that require extra reports and detailed inspections

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What Gets Inspected? – 

A home inspection should be as detailed as possible. Your home inspection report should be as thoroughly as possible including:

The Foundation of the house. Especially tree roots that may be interfering with its integrity
The Lot for proper drainages and soggy areas
The Roof's age and its condition.
The Exterior of the House, does it need repairs?
The Basement: for water damage or adequate insulation
The Attic: for inspection of the interior roof support, insulation, and adequate ventilation
All Electrical and Plumbing: for potential code violations and safety for the occupants
The Appliances: for age and condition.
The Heating and Cooling System: for proper working condition, inspection of all filters and the age of the system for proper recommendations
Pests, Pets and Pollution: as termites or any other insect infestations, could cost several thousands of dollars to repair. Inspect for pet damage to the house, including odor and carpet condition


For Real Estate Agents Only: 

"What's the Role of a Real Estate Agent During Home Inspections?"


Checking References –

Do your homework – ask for phone numbers and names of past clients that you can call to ask about their experience. Your real estate agent should be able to help you on this.

Errors & Omission Insurance

Find out what the liability of the inspector or inspection company is once the inspection is over. This is very important in case there are missteps during the home inspection that could cost thousands to remediate once they are found...costing you thousands of dollars as the new homeowner. The inspector is only human after all, and it is possible that they might miss something they should have seen. Thier insurance is just another way to protect yourself.

It is always recommended that you tag the home inspector during the home inspection. That way they can point out anything that should be addressed or fixed. . while giving you tips on the proper maintenance of your future new home. Of course, I don't recommend to follow your home inspector by climbing on the roof or crawling around in the attic. The job of the inspector is to protect your investment and he/she most certainly will be crawling, climbing and digging in areas that could be unsafe for you .

Once the home inspection is completed and a report is generated by the home inspector, your real estate agent will have a consultation with you to go over all the issues reported in the report.
It is up to you and the recommendation of your real estate agent to what course of action should you take next.

Your Options -

1` Acceptance: You accept the present condition of the house and continue on.
2` Negotiations: Your real estate agent negotiates for the seller to repair problems found during the         home inspection
2` Wall Away: You decide, (provided that your contract allows you) to walk away and avoid the purchase contract.

Final Advice:

The cost of an inspection is a small fraction of the cost of the property or of a major future repair. Ask your real estate agent when putting an offer to buy a house. . . .

" I want my offer to be contingent on a home inspection"

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